Wednesday, January 13, 2010

thermos roots (for the coffee obsessed)

through out my childhood my dad worked in construction. I carry distinct memories of him coming home from work in the late afternoon fading sun. he always smelled like copper mixed with dirt (to this day, still one of my favorite combinations of smells) and carried a stanley green thermos.

as a teacher, I do not have the luxury of a quick coffee run midday. I rarely have time to even finish my coffee before it gets cold. hence the thermos. I got two this christmas but am seeing that there are many great options - some even allowing for a little personality, if desired.

I think my older sister drank out of this throughout most of her elementary school days. (remember the thermos that snapped into your lunchbox? some days it had soup, others milk.)
the cottage nest

tea drinkers, this one is fantastic. you can steep on the go. bah-rilliant.

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  1. I love this. I also wasn't sure after reading the first paragraph if erin was writing this one or bridget. could have been either dad ;)
    and YES i remember my thermos. i think it might have been my little pony?