Wednesday, January 13, 2010

butler's pantry

Someday I want a big, old kitchen with a separate butler's pantry. Very Gosford Park. Although for most of us, the potential to have a "staff" is pretty minimal. What do I need a servant's staircase in the kitchen for? But I want one. (I just ended a sentence in an unnecessary preposition...god, I'm a Midwesterner).

The butler's pantry was a work horse in wealthy homes. Staff would prep food there, clean up, store dishes and silver, and ferry food through a dumb waiter to upper floors.


A modern, green butler's pantry....(drooling)...shiny...

house beautiful



sw design


Of course, I would need a dumb waiter


The dumb waiter to the wine cellar at Jefferson's Monticello.....yes!


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