Monday, January 18, 2010

dresser makeover

I was recently inspired by a post from erin giving salute to the talented young house love over a sideboard makeover. I decided I would steal their idea for my own guest room dresser. the house we rent is split into three levels. the main floor consists of the kitchen, living room and dining room; the upstairs has two bedrooms (one we use as a guest bed/office) and one bathroom; the downstairs (was once the garage, san francisco style - under the house, remodeled) has a mud/transition room with a door to the backyard, another guest bedroom and a bathroom. while it is somewhat a basement in wall texture and cheap carpet feel, it is also cozy down there and an ideal guest spot since technically that whole floor is private. being the basement though, I wanted to up the coziness. here are the befores of the dresser:

just like the sideboard makeover, I used green energy paint from behr. The black knobs are from anthropologie, a little spenny, but worth it.

venkman posed for this one. (sorry for the crude photography, it is raining here and the lighting is crap. and as far as I am concerned the carpet can burn in hell - I hate it. sigh, renting, renting.)

after painting the dresser, I turned around and looked at the rest of the room and realized the green duvet (slightly paler than the dresser and a little more sagey) and the green bedside table, stained, all needed to go. so, I did a quick makeover of the rest of the room too.

I painted the bedside tables, (look familiar? yes, same as the one in the living room right now. these are cheap from target), temptation by benjamin moore.
the room still needs more work - like the right lampshade, and all the pillows on the bed could use some thought - but overall, I am pleased. It feels much cozier for our guests. and I must admit, I love amelie and frankenstein above the bed - a variation on his and hers, if you will.


  1. Aaaaahhhhh! I love the dresser! The green with black knobs - perfection. Good job, budge.

  2. thanks, I am pretty pleased as well. I wanted to throw that dresser out a few months ago, so glad I saved its little behind.

  3. Great job on the bench, and on the dresser too. That guest room looks so cozy!! I think we'll have to come and visit you guys soon!