Friday, January 1, 2010

Merry New Year

For those of you who recognized the post title from Coming to America....I salute you. It's New Years Day here in New Bedford and Nick, June, and I went for a walk around town. The place was deserted! And with the 2 inches of snow we got yesterday, it was gorgeous and walkable. We didn't do anything for New Years Eve last night, except get to bed early, because June is going through a rough sleep week. But in my dreams I danced the night away to Rick James in a sequined mini.

Back to New Bedford - the Whaling Capital of the World...or so they used to be. They don't kill whales anymore....or let the textile factories dump their PCB's into the harbor. We're still dealing with that last one. However, as with many old New England towns, the city has some great architecture and homes. Here's a smattering of what we saw today. Oh, and our house goes back on the market this week!!! Fingers crossed, people. We're hoping to move back to Salem, MA by this spring!

The view from June's room yesterday

It wasn't too cold, so we bundled up little Beetnut and strapped her in the Ergo

The library

City Hall

This "rooming house" (code for crack den) burned down last week. All that remains is the granite stoop.

Since the fishermen's bar Cultivator Shoals closed down and was converted into a non-heroin bar, this is the dicey-est dive in town. We went there for my 30th Ocean Conservancy t-shirts, no less. Nobody paid us any mind. And at one point in the evening, I uttered the words "I'm too drunk to read."

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