Wednesday, September 30, 2009

umbrella decor

jumping off my obsession with wellies, what do you think about umbrellas in decor? i must admit, i am liking the concept.
talca, chili: student creation

maybe for a wedding at the palazzo...


and then of course, we get into umbrella stands, sigh and swoon...

the amelie look

i simply love amelie, it is easily one of my top five movies. when i watch this flick, which is probably *too* often, not only do i feel inspired by sweet amelie's dedication to making the world a better place, but i feel inspired by the beauty of the film. the set decor and cinematography make me want to move to montmartre, open a cafe and spend my days relishing little pleasures, like cracking creme brulee.

as erin says, this blue lamp rocks my face off

i think what makes the movie so visually stimulating (and makes me want to throw out everything we own - save the big orange chair - and start over) is the embrace of beautiful, rich color with a shock of bright. amelie's home, neighborhood, cafe - all feel like they were dipped in tea and left to dry and then set next to a darling lamp. the combination of gold, red and orange paired with a burst of green or blue is pretty much brilliant. like erin and i have been saying, a dance of vintage with modern bits.

here are some amelie inspired looks:

Bedroom of Domino's Creative Director, Sara Ruffin Costello

sock hat

i was jonesing for a sock hat the past few weeks. i see them all over (mainly on kevin's boss' head) and think they are so cute - and awesome for holding my big mane at bay. partly, i admit, i am trying to conjure fall in northern california where a 70 degree day means autumn (at least where i teach). jennifer aniston wears one exactly like the hat i adore in her new movie love happens.
this weekend i found my very own at anthropologie, this pre-season beret is a little spenny but worth every penny.

Kitchen of the Day

Not sure where this image is from, but I love the retro vibe.

Cream and seafoam colors, tiny subway tile, penny tile countertop, and schoolhouse light.

love the brits

I'm not really a "luxe" kind of gal, but gotta love these room from Living Etc in the UK.

Dark (by that, I mean goth) and lush and gorgeous.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

more on wallpaper

first off, sorry i haven't been blogging as much. teaching is swallowing me whole.
but, speaking of bold and fabulous wallpaper patterns in small spaces, erin, you sent this to me about a year ago and i continue to think about it everyday. i love the wallpaper, the floors, the bike. love it.

don't rush the baby. but you know i love that orange polka dot curtain from ohdeedoh.

just dreamin'

I know you only just got married....and moved across the country....and started a new job. But I'm plotting your baby's nursery already.

amazing makeover

Country Living rocks my face off lately. It's the new Domino, at least until the old Domino comes back. Here's an amazing kitchen makeover featured there recently.

Ikea cabinets, tile wall that looks like snake-skin, open shelving, apron sink. Brilliant!

favorite things - wallpaper foyer

I love bold design in smaller spaces like a foyer and stairwell. A powder room can handle bold wallpaper too. I'd totally hire someone to install it though. Wallpapering scares me.

Kitchen of the Day

Plank ceiling, green and white cabinets, apron sink, black counters....yum.

image: I saved this before I started blogging, so I'm not sure. Maybe sunset?

oh baby

In honor of Bridget's sister, Melissa, who is having her first baby around Thanksgiving, here are some gorgeous children's rooms.




Monday, September 28, 2009

captain's quarters

I'm a huge fan of this type of antique modern decor!

Old federal-style house with some modern and unexpected touches thrown in. Rope-bound mirror, sea captain's portrait, bright yellow chairs, velvet couch, seagrass rug - love it!

granny style

These cozy, granny-inspired looks make me want to curl up for the winter. With a cellar full of freshly-canned goods.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Kitchen of the Day

Love this nautical kitchen - complete with shiny, deep-blue painted floors, white lattice cabinet doors, and exposed ceiling beams.

Bridget, perhaps this should be the kitchen in our ancestral homestead on Cuttyhunk...


biology 101 decor

Some of you may be horrified by this science-inspired decor, but I just peed a little...

Fabulous KNIT dissection project. I'm stunned by the awesome-ness.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

not so dirty laundry

These laundry rooms (some of them not more than closets) make the chore glamorous!

image: unknown, country living, my home ideas, country living

Friday, September 25, 2009

sink skirts

this post should really be called, i heart country living since three out of the four images are all from the magazine. regardless, i heart sink skirts.