Saturday, January 9, 2010

espresso cool

I think it had something to do with being in new york over the holidays, but I am now hooked on espresso. while visiting kevin's parents, his dad made us espresso every night after dinner. it came to be a dessert treat and I looked forward to the moment when chris would stand up from the dinner table, set down his napkin, turn to me and say, "espresso?" and I would nod excitedly like a little girl being offered ice cream.

to my amazement the joy continued when we arrived home to a holiday gift from kevin's boss. the mypressi! he is a fantastic gift giver and somehow knew of my recent espresso obsession (not really, he just gives great gifts). the portable espresso maker is not only a brilliant idea and pretty easy to use, but is also gorgeous and makes our kitchen look cool. (I love pretty appliances).
so, here's to the finer, pretty things in life. and some yummy espresso.

(images: mypressi, le creuset, kitchenaid, country living, allsorts)

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