Sunday, January 10, 2010

marine science chic

The Life Aquatic is a visually cool and funny movie, but for us marine biologists, it hits a little close to home. There's a kernel of truth to much of the science-related antics and jokes. The interns, the intellectual egos, the comradery, the competition, the crazy adventure of field research - and believe me, I've been that intern a few times.

"Do the interns get their own glock?"

"No, the interns share one."

Nice yellow pelican case!

The Hollywood version of a marine scientist's life aboard ship isn't half bad. I love the world Wes Anderson creates. Now, here's a dose of real life aboard a NOAA research vessel. Unfortunately, all my photos from my NOAA days are non-digital....and I don't have a scanner.

Some of us don't spend all our time on the boat. Some of us day trip - although those days are very very long. And you have "dock rock" when you get back on land. Here are photos from my recent research adventure with the New England Aquarium gang up in Lubec, Maine.

Indoor Outhouse with graffiti, documenting people's hilarious antics.

Our research target, the right whale

Me, on a lunch break

Me, scooping whale poop

My husband, diving on the pilings in town

Me, on the bow, photographing whales

All this field station reality makes me long for a Dream Research House - cluttered and eclectic and lived-in and, of course, nautical.

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  1. I love that point of wanting a house that is cluttered, eclectic and well lived in. Yes, yes and yes.