Monday, June 20, 2011

public bikes

founder of design within reach, rob forbes, recently focused his design eye on the biking world with his new project public bikes. read more about it HERE. his vision is to make biking more comfortable, chic and enjoyable. personally, I *love* these bikes. they are beautiful and I want one.

we currently have beach cruisers that are heavy and without gear shifts making them impossible to ride in hilly northern california. I want the look without the weight. but good grief, look at the price tag.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

white, wood, metal

I have always believed I wanted a very eclectic home. a sort of anthropolgie-style house decorate with furniture, artwork, rugs and accessories from our travels, our friends, our memories, etc. but, being a hater of clutter and a lover of the very clean and simple, I am wondering if maybe this isn't what I really want. after seeing kerri russell's house in elle decor recently, I love the idea of paring down to the basic elements of whites, woods and metals.
feast your eyes on this:

love the wood on these cabinets; espresso stained reclaimed fir. never thought I wanted a darker wood cabinet in my kitchen until I saw these bad boys.

(and I love that her husband basically built the home and all the wood furnishings while she decorated to match his earthy style. amazing talent).

Monday, June 6, 2011


I stole a brilliant idea from fellow blogger dandee for a certain toddler's upcoming birthday. the game of memory. instructions HERE (my bag is not as cool).

total work time was about 30 minutes (maybe a little longer because I have never been good at making a star).

Thursday, June 2, 2011

trough sink

I am sick of sharing the bathroom sink with my husband. we are like WWF wrestlers that have to tag in in order to brush, floss, and wash every night before going to bed. but I hate double sinks. there's something so irritating about them (maybe all those saturdays growing up when my mom would demand, "just clean the sinks" before guests came over). the more sink, the more I dislike. however, the trough sink trend is emerging rapidly and I find myself digging it. I want.

I especially enjoy when the trough steers away from being too modern.