Sunday, October 30, 2011

rug a boo

we want a new rug for our living room. our vision is to one day live in a house centered around neutrals. (by the time we own that house - yes we still rent - we will have a different vision.) we are big fans of creamy whites, greys, woods and metals.

our couch is our only "real" piece of furniture at this point. meaning, it is the one new piece we bought together, post marriage, as a start towards furniture in our home. that said, I love other elements in our living room too. the peacock book case and the french/german trunk from my grandfather are a few. I do also love the coffee table, iron legs, thick wood planks similar to a farm table.

our actual living room (from about a year ago - the yellow table and lamp are no longer there)

I'm getting to my point. What I wonder is this, I am sick of rug patterns that ultimately end up pissing me off after about two months. I want a simple, neutral colored rug. and in truth, I want it to be somewhere in the family of white. now, we have a big ol' crazy dog that has black hair and likes to run laps in our backyard, often after rolling around in rotten apples. I realize that a white rug is stupid. but I want one. I love the pebble rug from west elm right now, mostly because it is the most affordable in that style (we originally fell in love with one at design within reach).
I fear the grey pebble rug will only clash with our couch. or be drab. BUT is the ivory too white (too bright)? AND will it be immediately nasty? thoughts?

felted garland

I just bought 8 different colors of wool roving to make this felted garland - can't wait!!!

Monday, October 24, 2011