Sunday, October 31, 2010

lighter shade of zebra

Some people think zebra is "over"...but I think it's totally classic. Not a fad in the least. Someday I will have the balls to pull it off. Maybe a stool is the way to go, with piping in mustard yellow or turquoise. If it still feels a bit too Tarzan, you can always go with the classic shape in a more muted color palette.


The traditional Serengeti special is still my favorite...

Parsons desk, ghost chair, wood shelves, zebra rug - a pretty sweet office

decor pad

This room is so delicious - sparse but sexy

decor pad

Check out the Lulu DK "chant" fabric on the armchair...source

Saturday, October 30, 2010

nice kitchen!

Classic Americana with an exotic twist. The kitchen is amazing! Love the red chairs and Persian rug.

Thursday, October 28, 2010 that you?

I hope Bridget could hear the "ahem sister" from the crowd when she divulged her love of all things Eames. And we can all sympathize with the shock and horror of the designer prices of these hot seats. Her post made me think of two things - first, this hilarious 30 Rock video and the fact that Overstock is loaded with designer knock-off chairs at totally reasonable prices, including the very ones she is lusting after.

Speaking of lust, I'm gonna call this one The Draper

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

fashion, can't shut up.

I apologize. I really can't shut up about fashion. but I must say, I have always appreciated fashion as a creative outlet - as a way to express oneself and claim identity. recently, I discovered a fashion channel that spent the better part of a weekend playing only fashion week shows from milan, paris and new york. I pretty much fell in love with the trends I noticed. it's refreshing to see that styles are moving happily away from 80's fad and into rich, complicated and intricate patterns with more sophisticated lines and more joyful silhouettes.

a couple things I noticed from etro's show:

well-fit, high-waisted pants and metal necklines (love)

crazy, authentic and somewhat tribal prints and a flowing fit with soft, delicate fabric

shorter in front

beautiful pattern mixing

longer coat/dresses over shorter bottoms (also love)

now I just need millions of dollars and the lack of conscience to justify spending it all on clothes.

playing with pattern

erin's post about shopping inspired me to post about this season's project runway. I have watched the show for a few years now, but have never loved a designer as I love mondo. his designs are beautiful, but that isn't quite why I love his work so and want to make up songs with words that rhyme with mondo. it's his ability to play with patterns. he has a way of combing patterns and colors that might seem risky to the average eye. and I dig that about him. I think it's because he appeals to my interior design fetish.

the show finale airs this thursday. personally, I think mondo is the clear champion, but we shall see.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Let’s be honest, I’m not a very fashionable person, for a number of reasons. I work in a fisheries agency, I’m a mom, a cheapskate, and I live in the fashion desert that is Southeastern Massachusetts. Besides, I’d rather spend my money on home goods and face cream. But the urge not to buy clothes has gotten a little out of hand. My style is starting to resemble a fisheries hobo – ripped jeans, hiking boots, some old fish t-shirt, and a sweatshirt with marine mammals on it. Not in the Napolean Dynamite/spirit animal way, but still…not good. Those who know me are nodding their heads right now because they’ve seen me in this outfit. Stacy and Clinton should be pooping out of a bush soon. It ain’t pretty.

I’ve decided to break the cycle before an intervention happens and have started with a few items from LL Bean. Wait, umm, no…I meant Anthropologie…or JCrew…yeah, that’s right. Buying clothes from The Bean makes me feel like a 50-something mom from Downeast Maine - high-waisted jeans, moose sweater, cobwebs on her lady parts. However, LL Bean has some very cute stuff, the quality is great, the price is right, and their return policy rocks.

Here’s what I bought….

Bridget, Missy, and I have a knee-high boot fetish. We often email each other pictures of our latest obsession. I hope these boots are as good as they look.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

eames, I love you.

I am late on this bandwagon, but make some room. I love eames. took me awhile to get here but after a recent trip to design within reach, (idiotic name: not within the reach of my paycheck. is it within the reach of yours?), I have been dreaming of owning some eames.

I want the aluminum management chair (in gold, or maybe orange?) to replace my husband's aeron.

and I want the rocker. yes cliche, I realize. but, I can't fight the eames bug. they really are so badass in person.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

jalapeno jelly

Even though it's only October, I've started working on Christmas presents. Not because I'm that good at planning ahead - I just had 20 jalapeno peppers lazing about my house. Our farm share last week gave us 12!

I worked off of THIS recipe and made a double batch. I cut the sugar a bit, left the seeds in 4 of the 11 jalapenos, and used an equal mix of cider and white vinegar. This was also my first foray into canning. Scary!

I sterilized the 8 oz. Ball jars in boiling water...

Then I put clean water in the pot and kept the jars in hot water. The jars can't be cold when you put the hot jelly into them.

Minced up a red bell pepper and the jalapenos in the food processor. I wanted the pieces to be small but still "there." Brought the peppers, vinegar and sugar to boil for 3 minutes. Let it cool a bit and added the liquid pectin. (Remember though, I made a double batch). Let it boil a minute and then start filling the jars.

After filling, I put the lids on snugly and boiled the jars for 10 minutes in the water. After taking them out, the jars need to cool for 24 hours. To make sure the peppers are evenly distributed, flip the jars every half hour for the first two hours. Also make sure the lid is snug after the last boil. Mine were a little loose.


We couldn't help ourselves and cracked open a jar. Although I wish I'd taken the seeds out of more of the peppers - it's a bit hot - it's also freaking delicious! The heat dissipated quickly and the sweet-spicy flavor is addictive. We put the jelly on Ritz with cream cheese. Soooo good!

The jelly should last for 12-18 months if kept in a cool, dry place.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

design crush: katie ridder

I stumbled upon Katie Ridder's work through the fabulous blog, Chinoiserie Chic. Not only does she create gorgeous interiors, but her exotic fabrics and wallpaper are beautiful too.