Monday, January 11, 2010


Today my husband had a staff retreat at the Harry Parker Boathouse in Brighton, Mass. The boathouse, along the Charles River, is dedicated to public access rowing. It also features a sustainable design plan with geothermal heating and cooling, natural ventilation, and daylight harvesting. Whatever daylight harvesting is....sounds scary to me.

Scull cool

These types of boathouse/fitness centers are all over the Charles River, where rowing is a popular sport.

Boston University's Dewolfe Boathouse
Harvard University's Weld Boathouse

Not surprisingly many Ivy League and prep schools have insane boathouses. You might assume they just store their money there, but apparently rowing is pretty big. How do you think they get the muscles to lift all that money?


Groton School

Episcopal High School

Deerfield Academy

I still partial to the old-fashioned, and preferably stone, boathouse on a lake - where my imaginary vintage Chris Craft is stored and where Ewan Mcgregor is waiting for me by the fire. And where I know Bridget will surely visit and go swimming, as there are no sharks. Or are there?

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