Monday, October 12, 2009

grey walls

the creamy off-whiteness of our home is starting to bug me. when we first moved in, i knew i would have to wait until after the wedding to make any real changes. that did not stop me from painting our bedroom a lovely avocado green (scotland isle by behr) :
but now i want to paint the rest of the house - or, at least some of it. especially the living room/dining room. as i have said, we have a sort of fall color combo happening, all of which, i do not love. i am planning on painting the bookshelf with one of the blue options erin posted. and we are hoping to replace our couch someday soon and are sort of liking the idea, if not the actual canterbury sofa from crate and barrel. i like it in grey:
that said. i am also thinking grey walls. in which case, i am not sure about grey couch, or else, it would need to be different shades of grey. regardless. what do you think about grey walls? especially in a living room, which in my mind should be soft, vibrant, eclectic and cozy. is grey too cold, distant, neat and lazy? this grey ideacompletely argues against my earlier amelie post, but i don't think i can paint my living room red.

and if not grey, then what color?

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  1. the grey walls are growing on me with the white trim. how could we do that...?