Thursday, October 8, 2009

ode to the farm table

between the two of us, i am beginning to see that i am the one who loves finding what i want, no matter what price and erin is savvy, finds what she wants after some hard work and for a much cheaper price.

well, i am at it again. kevin and i have looked all over for a farm table (dining) we love. we have spotted a few in great local places, one in LA and one where we got married (but not for sale). but no matter where we look the tables are all wildly expensive. this past weekend we (i) found another, actually a collection of styles, that are still crazy expensive but also rustic, handmade from salvaged pine and awesome. the real kicker - they are from restoration hardware. i had long ago written places like restoration hardware and pottery barn off for being too cliche in a world of unique, boutique shops that have so much more personality. well. i admit it. i am hooked on tables from restoration hardware. and i can't afford them.
flatiron collection (a little too "thin" for me, but the top of the wood is gorgeous)

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