Wednesday, September 30, 2009

the amelie look

i simply love amelie, it is easily one of my top five movies. when i watch this flick, which is probably *too* often, not only do i feel inspired by sweet amelie's dedication to making the world a better place, but i feel inspired by the beauty of the film. the set decor and cinematography make me want to move to montmartre, open a cafe and spend my days relishing little pleasures, like cracking creme brulee.

as erin says, this blue lamp rocks my face off

i think what makes the movie so visually stimulating (and makes me want to throw out everything we own - save the big orange chair - and start over) is the embrace of beautiful, rich color with a shock of bright. amelie's home, neighborhood, cafe - all feel like they were dipped in tea and left to dry and then set next to a darling lamp. the combination of gold, red and orange paired with a burst of green or blue is pretty much brilliant. like erin and i have been saying, a dance of vintage with modern bits.

here are some amelie inspired looks:

Bedroom of Domino's Creative Director, Sara Ruffin Costello

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  1. i second everything amelie. i love that movie and feel inspired by it too!