Monday, October 12, 2009

nick's cove

last weekend, kevin and I went to point reyes with two of our friends to enjoy oysters at nick's cove and beautiful scenery. while there we went on a pseudo hike over the san andreas fault line and a walk on the beach. the whole experience and especially nick's cove has stuck with me since we left. the place has a new england feel and some of the best damn oysters I have ever slung down my throat. located on the water's edge, made completely of wood, with a great back "porch" dining area, a pier off the back, and a cozy fire going at all times, nick's is an ideal afternoon oyster stop -or- weekend stay, they have rooms! and they are really cute, but I can't pull pictures off their site, bummer. regardless, I had to share about this place. erin, when you are next here, we are going. this place is you.

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  1. i went to reyes point last spring! but it was too windy, so we couldn't go to far without the fear that the gusts would bring us to our death.