Sunday, October 25, 2009

local salvage

for all you san francisco bay people, I have just discovered a gem of a place for all your home renovation needs right in my berkeley neighborhood. I imagine everyone in the bay area has heard of ohmega salvage, but I am new. erin, you might just love it here. it's a salvage yard (actually two, across the street from each other) that houses all sorts of home goodies from light fixtures, doors, tubs, sinks, cast iron sculptures and some decent furniture. oh yes, and old bowling alley lanes that can be turned into table/desk tops. for some of the artifacts you need to use your imagination to see the full potential, for others, your mouth may drop, as did mine, at the cost (not in a good way). a couple shots of what caught my eye:

maybe a kitchen light, there were two. convenient.

mini-tub. beautiful and most likely only useful on movie sets like out of africa.

i want this tub.

okay dagnamit, I am going to learn how to reupholster chairs. new year's resolution.

my grandmother used to have a vanity like this in the girls' guestroom. it was low to the ground, just like this one and my sisters and I used to sit on a little padded stool in front of it, pretending we were getting ready for a stage performance. I was immediately drawn to this one, visions of black or blue or green? paint, lacquered knobs and a teeny stool danced in my head. my husband however stopped me short of purchasing it for two reasons: 1. it is huge and we have nowhere to put it, 2. it is really low to the ground and somewhat useless. damn his logic.

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