Thursday, October 29, 2009

X games

The X bench is a very hot accent piece right now. Very functional - it can serve as extra seating or an ottoman. It's the new "Keep Calm and Carry On" - meaning that everybody's got one and it's all over the shelter mags.

I'd love to have a couple at the foot of my bed....


The price on this little item creeps into the outrageous category though. The Jonathan Adler version costs $700! I know...I'm choking too. Was it hand-sewn by virgins?

Ballard Designs offers a cheaper version ($179-$371) and you can choose between hundreds of fabrics. But that still seems pricey for a stool.

A couple days ago I went to a junk store to see a TV stand I'd found on craigslist. It had already been sold but then I saw THIS and paid 20 bones for it, people. There were two of them, and I know I should have snatched up the second one, but I also knew I couldn't afford to have both reupholstered. No excuse though. I should have grabbed it. The owner of the store told me that these were custom made too - the fabric is actually cool but very faded.

I got a quote of $100 to have it reupholstered....and I gonna do it! It's no bargain but I can't turn back now. My plan is to have my guy eliminate the extra "cushion" on top and just add more padding to the bottom seat area, so that the seat is flat.

Besides I found a great home decor (i.e. mid-weight) fabric at Joann on sale for $6 a yard. Snatch! (That's my expletive for "F yeah"....Bridget knows all about this and is probably rolling her eyes right now...)

They didn't have enough yardage of the blue honeycomb that I wanted, so I got the green:

I also loved this fabric from Joann but at $30 a yard, it's too spenny. Next time.

Stay tuned, dear Readers!

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