Thursday, December 17, 2009

movie beauty

it is definitely that time of year for curling up with good movies, even in california - it's northern, we have rain. clearly erin and I are of the same mind as we are both posting about movies today. after my amelie post awhile back, I started thinking more about beautiful movie images, either due to set or costume or simply character positioning. I simply love cinematography. while in brooklyn over thanksgiving erin and I noticed a corner building that resembled the house on archer avenue in the royal tenenbaums (wes anderson and owen wilson are geniuses). well...from there, my mind kept wandering. here is an overload of movie images from some of the most beautiful movies I have seen.

the world of wes anderson is crisp, detailed and each corner of it has a new story to tell. his stills remind me of fourth grade dioramas we made out of shoe boxes - a window into a world:

next up, atonement directed by joe wright. the book, written by ian mcewan, is truly breathtaking and the movie did a marvelous job of capturing the essence of beauty, romance and class.

this parlor is stunning

just one more. love the romantic suspension of belief in the cinematography 500 days of summer. and also, love joseph gordon-levitt and the always lovely, zooey.


  1. Atonement is both tragic and amazing...and 500 Days of Summer=LOVE. I am a BIG fan of those two actors ...I enjoy everything they do. Great I guess it's about time I watch (and read) the Royal Tenanbaums...