Wednesday, December 2, 2009

oh christmas tree

As I mentioned in my last post, we're usually traveling around the holidays. This year, however, we'll be home in Massachusetts and to commemorate June's first Christmas, we're getting a tree.

I'm partial to this look - retro and a little rustic. With white lights, of course.

Growing up with my grandparents in their house, we did a very retro tree each year. Mainly because our ornaments were all from the 1950's and we used those old-fashioned "icicles." Which my grandma made us save each year so they could impart the same realism to our tree next Christmas. That meant putting them on one-by-one, removing them ever so carefully, and placing them in a 50 year old shoebox. You're all probably envisioning me just throwing the icicles at the tree. Not far off.

This chump's grandma had her doing the same thing...


Here's some love for our coniferous allies....

country living

I'm obsessed with the woven basket this tree is sitting in!

cottage living

Is this J Lo's tree?

And of course, Martha Stewart never disappoints. Just imagine taking the icicles off her tree.

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  1. I have a silver tree--it is supposed to look like those 1950s era aluminum trees--with pink and purple ornaments. I love it.