Monday, December 21, 2009

lamp locale 2

okay. remember how we received our lovely anthropologie lamp as a wedding gift about a month ago? well, I am madly in love with it and feel like our apartment just doesn't do it justice. yesterday, I think, I think, maybe, I found a good spot for it. previously, it had been in kevin's office and I thought for awhile it might work there but see the pictures below. what do you think? does it work in the living room? and on the crazy yellow table? too odd? I like how the yellow table (also previously in the guest room/kevin's office) pulls out the yellow in the couch pillow. and will ultimately pop once we paint the walls grey. is it strange there though? we need light in that corner and the white lamp that was previously there was not working for me.

my apologies. this is easily the most drab and completely mindless post I have ever written. I know, in the grand scheme of things, this is silly. clearly, I am on winter break and am avoiding thinking of essay questions to use in my final exams.


  1. I think the lamp goes well with the couch, but you need a proper side table. One that is on the side of the couch. Can you move the bookcase?

  2. not really. the room is a challenge, one whole wall is window (beautiful, but not furniture option) and another whole wall is fireplace/deck door. we could move the bookshelf against the wall where the yellow table is now but that blocks the amazing vent. i love that vent (under the yellow table now).

  3. I love the vent and the vent under the yellow table. and i love the lamp and the lamp color popping next to the couch. But the table seems to frail for the lamp. I feel like the lamp needs a more solid table... hmmmm. it could be me feeling like I will know that table over and lose the amazing lamp. but that's my thought....