Thursday, December 10, 2009

eucalypus bathroom

Bridget's friend Jill is adding a master suite addition to her house and has asked us at Green Bicycle to send some inspiration her way. First up, the bathroom! She's looking for soft green or aqua colors....and no subway tile, as per her hubby's request. No problems - beadboard or (even better) painted wood paneling add texture and character.

Look away, I'm about to make out with this bathroom...the cream paneling and marble floors are to die for!

And the shower - wow!

Vintage console sink

Lime green paneled walls and ceiling

rare and beautiful treasures

southern living

love the paneling around the tub. mmm, mmm, mmm cozy.
house to home

paneling can have a little personality too - different textures at different points in the room.

along with paneling to add texture, furniture can also add character and personality to your bathroom.

dresser turned into sink and armoire with chicken wire turned to linen cabinet can give an antique feel:

country living

exposed brick, aluminum dresser and cabinet with a pedestal sink all create an industrial feel:

country living

the more research we do for ms. jill the more I realize just how much fun you can have with your bathroom. bathrooms are like that wild night you had while traveling in madrid the year you studied abroad in london. you have this wild side that you generally only flaunt in foreign countries at the age of 21, or maybe those two hilarious nights in grad school when you filled a kiddie pool with pudding (ahem, erin), but it is there. this inner creative, carefree, daring soul. you may not be willing to take chances with furniture and color combinations in the living room or god forbid the upstairs hallway, but in the bathroom ... that inner quixotic hero can reign.

lime green, raspberry, thick wainscoting:

painted white ceiling, terry cloth shower curtain, distressed cabinet, wainscoting:
country living

distressed furniture, halfway wainscoting and pale blue hues:

midnight blue and deep, espresso brown, crisp white trim (while this may seem heavy, I find it bold against so many fairy garden type bathrooms out there):
clean white, peacock blue, crystal chandelier, floor plants:

sour apple and antlers:

clever use of a corner, garage sale bottles, painted gold mirrors and vintage wallpaper:
country living

peach and green with blue accents and *twinkle* lights!:

burnt orange, finished wood, coat rack, leafy shower curtain, striped sink skirt, paneling:

black and white stripes, hot pink accents, roman shades, paneling around the tub:
need spark

Some more modern looks...

apartment therapy


under a paper moon

These bathrooms are all from Katy Elliott, who has an amazing blog!

Phew....that's a lot of bathrooms. Jill, we hope that helps with some inspiration. Keep us posted on your progress.

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  1. AMAZING. Love so many of them! I think I'm gonna make an inspiration board and will def share it and the final product!