Wednesday, December 23, 2009

bedroom wall - canvas art

first, thank you google for the free wi-fi on our virgin america flight to new york. hello! I am writing to you from 35,000 up in the air with the greatest of ease. as I sit here, with still two more hours of flight time left, I am dabbling a little in photoshop (I feel like a technology ingrate, I can hardly figure out how to cut and paste in this program). anyone have any good photoshop tutorial suggestions?

but, I have managed to pull together a few images as mock up ideas for our bedroom wall. remember how I told you just a couple days ago that we are thinking about mounting, in three parts, a photo from our wedding on canvas above our bed? below are two ideas - I lied, there are two in the bunch that are a little lovey dovey.

because of the bedroom photo's size, the "canvas" ideas are cut off on top. in real life, I would want them taller on the wall. I originally got this idea from brooklyn limestone, great blog. she suggests going to Uprinting and I think that is what we will do. I have also added a few more photos we are considering. the green wall makes it a little tricksy. what do you think?

(wedding images from our amazing photographer jen huang)


  1. I think this idea is FABULOUS and cannot wait to see how it turns out. I have a green bedroom ALMOST that same shade and have used a lot of black & white in the room...but with your bedspread (LOVE it btw), I really like the idea of pops of other colors...tough decision. I'm really loving the bus picture...but I also think the first photo (dancing shot) is almost too perfect for words! EEK! Gluck, I think either way, it's going to look so great!

  2. I love this idea! And love that you're learning photoshop - our "company" needs this skill. I love the bus picture in color. The yellow would warm up the cool green and white bedding. Also, not that you and KP aren't gorgeous and adorable, but I wouldn't use a picture with you in it. I would feel weird making out beneath a photo of my husband and I...making out.

  3. I was thinking the same thing - about us, making out under us, making out. I like the bus picture too - but fear all that green might be too much. I will do another mock up and see... Thanks ladies for the thoughts and encouragement.

  4. The Green wall is a great colour