Sunday, November 1, 2009

galapagos turquoise

yesterday I finally got around to painting the bookcase in our living room. I selected benjamin moore's "galapagos turquoise" from the peacock colors ideas erin suggested. we were nervous about the high gloss, but went with it anyway, and are so happy we did. it isn't as glossy as I expected, I think because the wood was very raw.

all in all the painting was simple and only took a few hours of my saturday afternoon, the hot california sun helped speed up the process. the only hang up was when our black labrador mix puppy decided to lick some of the paint out of the can. yeah. no worries, poison control practically laughed in my face, apparently dogs can eat almost anything - save chocolate, of course. somehow latex is less harmful.

in order for there to be no brush strokes, I used a foam paint brush.

we even rearranged our living room to better show off the bookcase. how hot does it look? color rules, it completely livens the room.

next step, painting the walls grey.

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