Wednesday, November 11, 2009

garden bench

kevin began work last weekend on our deck, sanding and staining as it had turned a moldy grey color. yes, we rent, but, we are taking the opportunity to learn the how-tos of owning with our rental. pictures of the deck to come soon. his working on the deck got me excited about our yard (as only one in california can do in november). there is an old bench out there that has immense potential but needs some stain and sealant.

now I need to figure out what color(s). what do you think?




shiny black

all the paint ideas I have shown you are solid colors on wood. our bench is iron and wood. maybe I should enhance the details? even if it does mean more work?

knowing my lazy tendencies, it is probably best I go with one solid color. ooooh, just saw this! shiny red! yes please!

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