Wednesday, November 18, 2009

there's a monster under my bed and it's drooling

I spoke with my super duper uber pregnant sister tonight and asked her what it is she wants/needs now that she only has a few days until my niece arrives. her response, wall art for the nursery. well, well. that's right up our alley. my sister and her husband are literature fiends, mostly russian, but really anything classic (I hesitate to use that term, but, alas, it fits). they have a wild appreciation for words and have spent many a car ride, saturday night and sunday morning reading out loud to each other from their latest epic of choice. we knew then that we wanted to find her something word, alphabet, literature based. with this in mind and based some of the things she specified, I went straight to etsy to find some cheap, yet unique nursery art options.

like every other male in his 30s-40s, missy's husband adores where the wild things are. (okay, we all love it, how can we not?)

love the idea of the quote on the stairs, or maybe inside a closet door?

the best part is I am only just warming up. this is just from about fifteen minutes on etsy. love that site.

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