Tuesday, November 10, 2009

state pillow

My husband's grandmother gave me this tablecloth from the 50's. It's pretty stained in some places, unfortunately, and I couldn't get them out. Northern New England is where most of the stains live.

So I'm thinking of cutting it down to this and making a Southern New England pillow. Massachusetts is the only place that really matters. :) The tablecloth part will serve as the front of the pillow and I'll use a different fabric for the backing.

Vintage state-motif tablecloths are a big collectors item. Here's a California one for Bridget:

Similar (I use that word loosely) state pillows go for $150. You may be familiar with these embroidered state and regional pillows. The New England one is pretty cool.

Here's the City of Chicago pillow (said in our plumber dad voice "chi-caw-go"). A nod to Bridget and my Illinois refugee status.

Hopefully not for long - 2012, baby! We open our Green Bicycle store in the Windy City. (We dream....).

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