Friday, November 6, 2009

if these walls could talk

Bridget and I were thrilled to find TWO design questions from readers in our inbox! Yay! First up, Meredith from Cozy Cottage inquired about wallpaper resources. She and her husband are renovating their 1949 fixer-upper and looking to paper the stairwell and hallway. Be sure to check out their inspiring blog!

On to the paper!

Graham and Brown
have an obscene amount of choices! Great graphic but still traditional options:




This is just a sample, of course, of their mind-boggling collection of colors and styles.

Thibault is the country's oldest wallpaper company and also has a huge selection! They have excellent patterns as well. Here are a couple I think you might like - you can see...I'm into their trellis patterns...


Molina Trellis


They have some seriously whimsical and fantastic choices too...




Tweety carried away there...

Grasscloth is also an option I love - it gives color and texture. Twenty2 is a nice resource for that and other wallpaper:

They also have regular wallpaper. The Terrace has a bold or neutral color option. I actually dig the red and pink....

The Peekaboo is also very cool

But also has a more toned down color option

Mod Green Pod is another favorite for modern wallpaper and fabrics:

I hope this helps, Keltons! Keep us posted on your progress and thanks for checking out our blog! We look forward to following things over at Cozy Cottage!

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