Thursday, November 12, 2009

wingback and ottoman

My aunt has given me her wingback chair and matching ottoman from the 1990's. (I need to go to Maine and pick them up). The dated fabric will need to be changed, but they are in excellent shape. However, the fabric choices are now making my head spin.

I plan to get a new couch soon seen here - minus the hideous striped throw pillows, of course!

And we have this coffee table

I definitely want a graphic and modern fabric, but something that I won't regret....


Bold as it is....I'm leaning towards this one. Joel Dewberry rules!!!


What do you think, readers? Keep it neutral? Keep is simple? I'm thinking of doing the ottoman in gray velvet, similar to the couch, but with yellow piping.

How lovely is that Thomas Paul fabric? Not exactly my style but cool nonetheless.

Sorry this post kind of sucks - no pictures! Bridget and I will learn to make mood boards and I will go to Maine and get the chair and ottoman. Stay tuned!

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