Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Let’s be honest, I’m not a very fashionable person, for a number of reasons. I work in a fisheries agency, I’m a mom, a cheapskate, and I live in the fashion desert that is Southeastern Massachusetts. Besides, I’d rather spend my money on home goods and face cream. But the urge not to buy clothes has gotten a little out of hand. My style is starting to resemble a fisheries hobo – ripped jeans, hiking boots, some old fish t-shirt, and a sweatshirt with marine mammals on it. Not in the Napolean Dynamite/spirit animal way, but still…not good. Those who know me are nodding their heads right now because they’ve seen me in this outfit. Stacy and Clinton should be pooping out of a bush soon. It ain’t pretty.

I’ve decided to break the cycle before an intervention happens and have started with a few items from LL Bean. Wait, umm, no…I meant Anthropologie…or JCrew…yeah, that’s right. Buying clothes from The Bean makes me feel like a 50-something mom from Downeast Maine - high-waisted jeans, moose sweater, cobwebs on her lady parts. However, LL Bean has some very cute stuff, the quality is great, the price is right, and their return policy rocks.

Here’s what I bought….

Bridget, Missy, and I have a knee-high boot fetish. We often email each other pictures of our latest obsession. I hope these boots are as good as they look.