Thursday, October 14, 2010

jalapeno jelly

Even though it's only October, I've started working on Christmas presents. Not because I'm that good at planning ahead - I just had 20 jalapeno peppers lazing about my house. Our farm share last week gave us 12!

I worked off of THIS recipe and made a double batch. I cut the sugar a bit, left the seeds in 4 of the 11 jalapenos, and used an equal mix of cider and white vinegar. This was also my first foray into canning. Scary!

I sterilized the 8 oz. Ball jars in boiling water...

Then I put clean water in the pot and kept the jars in hot water. The jars can't be cold when you put the hot jelly into them.

Minced up a red bell pepper and the jalapenos in the food processor. I wanted the pieces to be small but still "there." Brought the peppers, vinegar and sugar to boil for 3 minutes. Let it cool a bit and added the liquid pectin. (Remember though, I made a double batch). Let it boil a minute and then start filling the jars.

After filling, I put the lids on snugly and boiled the jars for 10 minutes in the water. After taking them out, the jars need to cool for 24 hours. To make sure the peppers are evenly distributed, flip the jars every half hour for the first two hours. Also make sure the lid is snug after the last boil. Mine were a little loose.


We couldn't help ourselves and cracked open a jar. Although I wish I'd taken the seeds out of more of the peppers - it's a bit hot - it's also freaking delicious! The heat dissipated quickly and the sweet-spicy flavor is addictive. We put the jelly on Ritz with cream cheese. Soooo good!

The jelly should last for 12-18 months if kept in a cool, dry place.


  1. holy crap. well done. they are beautiful! and I bet so tasty. where did you get those jars? I love them.

  2. I found the quilted 8 oz ball jars at Benny's, a discount Big Lots type place. They were only $9 for 12 jars! I'm going to get nice labels from Paper Source to jazz then up. Oh and after eating a jar for the last two days, I don't think it's too spicy. :)