Tuesday, October 26, 2010

fashion, can't shut up.

I apologize. I really can't shut up about fashion. but I must say, I have always appreciated fashion as a creative outlet - as a way to express oneself and claim identity. recently, I discovered a fashion channel that spent the better part of a weekend playing only fashion week shows from milan, paris and new york. I pretty much fell in love with the trends I noticed. it's refreshing to see that styles are moving happily away from 80's fad and into rich, complicated and intricate patterns with more sophisticated lines and more joyful silhouettes.

a couple things I noticed from etro's show:

well-fit, high-waisted pants and metal necklines (love)

crazy, authentic and somewhat tribal prints and a flowing fit with soft, delicate fabric

shorter in front

beautiful pattern mixing

longer coat/dresses over shorter bottoms (also love)

now I just need millions of dollars and the lack of conscience to justify spending it all on clothes.

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