Sunday, October 31, 2010

lighter shade of zebra

Some people think zebra is "over"...but I think it's totally classic. Not a fad in the least. Someday I will have the balls to pull it off. Maybe a stool is the way to go, with piping in mustard yellow or turquoise. If it still feels a bit too Tarzan, you can always go with the classic shape in a more muted color palette.


The traditional Serengeti special is still my favorite...

Parsons desk, ghost chair, wood shelves, zebra rug - a pretty sweet office

decor pad

This room is so delicious - sparse but sexy

decor pad

Check out the Lulu DK "chant" fabric on the armchair...source

1 comment:

  1. love zebra in the muted colors, well done. and love that zebra ottoman/coffee table. whoa. that sucker is making me rethink my whole future dream house.