Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I still want doc martens

not docs, but you get the idea. how cute is this look?

not sure where I got all these images. have to apologize for that. I have been collecting them for a few months in my fashion-someday-I-will-get-you folder.


  1. ME TOO! Been doing some research cause I'm so copying you... most docs are now made in china and thailand and are poorer quality leather. The ones made in england are now called their "vintage line" and costs a bit more. Boo. Might be worth it though. They really last forever.

  2. Just found a really good price for the vintage ones here. Don't have my size but maybe they have yours :)


  3. savita! you are my hero. but sigh, they don't have my size either. thanks for doing the research on the vintage ones - kind of like their look better anyway. but boo, the price. grr.