Tuesday, November 9, 2010

decorating your jam

the apple butter is made. I have about 16 jars worth. and am super excited to give it out as a little christmas gift to friends and family. in order to dress it up a bit, I bought a bunch of fat quarters from stone mountain and daughter (east bay people, shop here for your fabric needs).

I cut "squares" out of the fabric and tied them to the top of the jars with baker's string (have it in bulk and *love* it). I bought labels from paper source. I am not thrilled with them. I wanted ones with a design and I am not the fanciest computer user, but these were the smallest and simplest to compliment the fabric. I have much more to do, but here are the results so far:


  1. So lovely! And I adore the fabric. Plus you have the best handwriting I know, so the labels look very pro.