Friday, November 26, 2010


I have that post thanksgiving appreciation for the comfort of home and I so much look forward to the day when we buy our first house. I know that what I dream of doesn't exist, but all the same, I like to fill my imaginary house with furniture. especially when we stumble upon greats like olde good things, an architectural and altered antique store. walking through the upper west side this week, my husband and I entered one of their many locations and fell immediately in love with just about everything. below find some of our finds that sent my heart fluttering.

While I do love our current coffee table, three wide wood slates perched on iron legs, I have always imagined taking the industrial level up a notch. and, in having a larger living room (which we of course would, being rich in my fantasy dream home) I would also want a larger, heavier, more substantial coffee table:
(although, I could see myself - or really, my sister - stubbing my toe on this guy a bit too often)

I am a sucker for iron legs:

I told kevin that if we had 5 kids, (which we don't and won't), and a large country house type entry way, I would absolutely put this set of lockers there:

we have long dreamed of getting a farmhouse table for our dining room. in our fantasy house, I get to have a decadently large, slightly more formal 10 foot long farmhouse table for dining...

aaaand a slightly smaller 6 foot long, less formal, more industrial kitchen farmhouse table used for eating, preparing, chatting, sewing, etc.:

similar to the open kitchen style from it's complicated:

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