Tuesday, November 9, 2010


while shopping with my sister this weekend in chicago, she took me to the greatest fabric store (at least in the chicagoland area): the needle shop. I cannot say enough about the fabric in this sweet little bucktown shop. I perused and found this joel dewberry fabric to replace one of the rocket ship pillows in our living room (death by puppy chewing frenzy):
I also happened upon a badass bag hanging in the corner of the shop. it was a frenchy from amy butler. and I am going to make one.

I will use joel dewberry's annie in corn yellow for the bulk of the bag.

and etsuko furuya-kokka's school bus in black for the top and possibly the interior pockets.
I've never made a bag before. I can hardly handle a pillow; we will see how this goes. but I am eager to get started on my new project. if I can pull this off, I will consider the "Master of the Universe" title all mine. my goal is thanksgiving, I will show you when I finish.

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