Friday, September 18, 2009

striped stair runners

My house was built in 1891. In addition to uninsulated horsehair plaster walls, we should have some pretty sweet hardwood floors, right? Well...while the hardwood floor downstairs looks great, the floor on the stairs and the second story is covered in carpet. I suspect because the hardwood is in bad shape. I haven't peeked yet. My husband won't let me. Still, in my mind, I've moved right past the hard work of refinishing the dreaming of stair runners. As any practical girl would.

I'm leaning towards a striped runner. Now if I can just get my allergist to call my husband and make him pull up the carpet.

Urban Grace Interiors

Dash and Albert rugs are my first choice, naturally:


  1. How do you put dash and albert on stairwell - do you have to have them sewn together first?
    I really want to do this on my stairs, but don't kno how. Would appreciate any help.

    Thanks, Kathleen

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