Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Launch

We have lift-off! Yay! Thank you, Bridget, my beautiful cousin, for making our first post. Now...we blog...

There are many things on my list of yummy items to discuss lately. My latest design obsession is anything Matryoshka. The Russian doll/babushka motif strikes a cord in my Slovenian heart. Or is that a shudder? The peasant look is dangerously close to the Slovenian National Costume, which I had to wear at various points in my childhood. Being a member of the Slovenian Women's Union comes with a price - it ain't all red wine and potica.

In memory of Mary Plut Anzelc, my Slovenian grandmama and potica-maker extraordinaire, here are some updated takes on the babushka look. Even the Gap is getting in on the action. Love ya, Merichka!

Thank you and....lahko noc!

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