Monday, March 28, 2011

sewing space, also known as: you can't keep cutting where you eat

I have been sewing significantly more these past couple months. now that I have found a few "genres" that inspire me (shoulder/handbags and all things that fall under the category of baby shower gift), I can't seem to stop. which is fantastic; yay! a hobby I am actually maintaining! however. I need to get serious regarding where I work. sewing in the dining room basically blows. my big, courageous plan is to try and make room for my sewing self in the downstairs guest room, while still keeping the room a guest room. tricky. very tricky. any ideas? I am looking for ikea type inspiration (cheap but also full of good organization ideas). to get this party started, I have pulled a few inspirational images I found online:

I am digging the simple uniformity of this room. and the double desk. love all the shelving too. problem: way too much space; I am literally getting a corner. other problem: feels stuffy.

this one might be my favorite. there is very little not to love. like the high table, but need it bigger still to lay out fabric for cutting and when sewing.

I adore this one because it looks like someone actually works here. I am a big fan of the metal baskets (remind me of my summer days in the rice pool locker room), however I worry the fabric might get dusty if stacked in there. would *love* to avoid plastic containers at all costs though.
this is just smart and cute.
any inspiring ideas?

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