Saturday, March 12, 2011

obvious binder idea

a friend shared this idea a couple months ago and I feel like an idiot that I didn't think of it first. she and her partner put all their design dreams (clippings, images, notes, drawings on napkins, etc.) into an organized binder, separated by room (my tabs include: entryway, living room/office, kitchen/dining, bedroom, bathroom, storage spaces, colors, misc./extras/outside).

I mean, it is obvious but so genius! over the years I have saved magazines and clippings in the most random places (erin, I believe you have a shoe box or two full of clippings, right?) and often end up throwing them out after years of moving them from one drawer to the next. finally, I have a nerdy neat little organized system. and I love it.
the best part: I was finally able to gut and recycle all my old Domino magazines. RIP Domino, RIP.


  1. My sad shoebox...where all the clippings are misshapen and curled up. And I have no clue what's in there.

  2. gutting the old dominos is brave. but i think my stacks of old magazines are losing their "poetic decorative charm" and just looking messy. perhaps I will follow you in this endeavor.

  3. it was a little terrifying, kristen. but, I felt the same way, "these magazines are starting to look warped and dirty, not like the poetic relics I was hoping for." still need to comb through old real simples for recipes.