Tuesday, April 6, 2010

welcome summer home: design ideas

I cannot stop thinking about summer. as spring settles, now is the time to begin our musings about lazy sunny afternoons and sweaty weekend leisure time. here are some ideas on how to bring summer back after a tumultuous and somewhat bi-polar winter.

1. garden. obvious, but hear me out. sometimes, all it takes is a garden to give all angles of your home a glow. I am a fan of any and all colors growing in a garden, including lots of green veggies, but there are many ways to approach the garden design. and always remember to bring some of it indoors.


(I could do without the cat)

2. live outdoors. take it outside. all of it. reading. eating. laughing. drinking. go outside. but in order to do that happily, you have to make your living space as comfy to you as your living room.

the magazine formerly known as domino

for cheaper but just as decadent, try ikea:

3. eat fresh; be beautiful in your color choice, even in the kitchen. and let it all be seen. color = summer.

artichoke, fennel and tricolor tomato salad, recipe: here

prosciutto-wrapped asparagus with citrus dip, recipe: here

4. bring in the light. open your window. open your door. feel fresh air again. light is the quickest way to brightening a space and your mental state.

mirrors and white furniture help...

...as do bursts of color. use flowers and fruit for this:

5. stay organized. winter moves to summer, thus time to clean up closets, sporting gear, garden tools, etc. I find that if I like the order, I am more apt to use the stuff. but, that's just my crazy side talking (which is really my only side). no surprises, martha has the best ideas.

bin it:
martha stewart

yeah, like anyone has space for this gorgeous recycling wall. but, pretty effing cool all the same:
martha stewart

sigh. I want a garden shed (with a gorgeous farm table that I would sell my right arm to have in our dining room, not wasted in the shed with my gardening tools):
martha stewart

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  1. Great post, Bridge! Makes me itch for summer.