Sunday, April 11, 2010

Joliet 2010

Our trip home to Chicagoland was great! Spring had sprung in Illinois and it was so nice to be barefoot in my grandparent's yard again. The house is in disarray, as we've been cleaning things out since my grandparent's died this summer. Going to the grave was hard, but my aunt reminded me that Merichka was probably standing right next to me.

The family's favorite funny picture has been brought up from the basement and given prime place in the living room. My poor Uncle Mike, the baby of the family...that's his disembodied head taped next to his older siblings.

But you know what's still standing? The personal holy water dipper next to my bedroom closet. You know you want one. :)

My grade school is closing down though! So sad. Joliet was once loaded with Catholic grade schools and many are closed or soon closing. The other downtown grade schools - St. John's and St. Mary Magdalene - are already closed. It looks like only 2 of the original 8 Catholic grade schools will be left standing, after the diocese gets through with their cuts. St. Joe's did a great job of serving not only the Slovenian community, but the nearby families on the east side and downtown. It sucks to lose that neighborhood element and consolidate the schools so that only the "rich" (and white) ones remain.

My church - St. Joseph's in Joliet - the grade school is behind it.

Across the the Slovenian Women's Union, baby!

Stefanich's - next to my grade school.
The sign hanging on the fence of my old playground. And by playground, I mean, where the older kids would hang out and play ball during recess. The train still runs on that elevated track in the background. The boys would let me play baseball with them, but they'd make me chase any home runs hit over the tracks.

The Catholicism never ends....June and I hanging with Mary in my grandparent's backyard.

And June and her cousin Emma finally got to meet!

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