Saturday, March 20, 2010

wingback chair

Here is the hand-me-down wingback chair my aunt gave us. Circa 1994 - the fabric definitely needs updating, but otherwise it's in good shape.

However choosing a new fabric has proven to tough. I can't spend a ton of money it, since I'll need 7 yards and the labor to reupholster this bad boy costs $375! And I want a durable, indoor/outdoor fabric, due to Miss Junebug and a crazy cat. I also wanted a brown and white, slightly traditional, damask-like pattern. And of course it has to be the coolest fabric I've ever laid eyes on. Not too much to ask, right?

So here is the final choice - it's by Premier Fabrics and only costs $7/yard! I found it at which is a site I love.

It's not my favorite ever, but given my constraints, I'm happy with it. Stay tuned!

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