Friday, March 26, 2010

wedding invite inspiration

the wedding season is rapidly narrowing its beady eyes on the blog world and while erin and I are now old maids, I thought it might be nice to share some insight and perhaps, some inspiration regarding invitations.

we decided to make our wedding invitations ourselves. and by ourselves, I mean we roped our friend and my sister's uber talented artist boyfriend, brian mead, into creating our invitations.

jen huang photography

our starting point was probably the colors and the maps. I knew that I wanted to incorporate little toy taxis into our centerpieces and that I wanted a dirty white and brown base with maybe a vintage rose color too. also, I wanted to incorporate vintage maps into the wedding - I didn't yet know how. brian took my simple starting points and created the idea to make a booklet, with pockets, as a variation on the classic card invite. with this information, we went to paper source and found the envelopes, the paper for the booklet pages and thick brown paper that would eventually become the band with the "K+B" embossed stamp on it.

brian found the almost brown paper bag paper at an art supply store in chicago. we found the vintage airmail return envelopes at cvs, I think. I found the maps at blick art supplies. brian took a photo taken of kevin and I in new hampshire that fall and turned it into a rubber stamp (I kid you not, the kid has mad skills), which we used on the back of the yellow envelope (and on the save the date - it sort of became our wedding icon).

we then made each booklet by hand. including an accordion foldout page that had an extended map of the livermore area. (this picture also shows our save-the-dates and program, all designed and made by brian. we played up the red of the barn at the vineyard in the save-the-dates.).

needless to say, it took weeks (maybe months) of work, but it was well worth it. the experience also brought us closer together with each other and with our friends and family as we had invitation making parties with wine and food, sore backs and finger calluses.

for the return envelopes inside the booklet, we ordered a custom-made stamp from paperwink.

after many hours of hard labor, we ended up with a pretty rad invitation. while I don't know if we actually saved money, I think we did, we also stepped away proud and so happy because we got exactly what we wanted - more - out of all the hard work and determination. it made both kevin and I feel like it was really our wedding (I know that sounds corny, but sometimes those buggers can get away from you pretty fast).

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