Monday, February 15, 2010

truckee, lake tahoe

we rented a house near lake tahoe this weekend in the quaint town of truckee. it was our first time in tahoe and I will let the pictures do the gushing for me.

venkman gets all wicked eyed when he runs with sheer, uninterrupted pleasure

the boys snuggling pre kevin forcing venkman into his crate in the car. he is not a car happy dog. you can see he is on to us with his dejected expression.

truckee is a sleepy tahoe town built around the train tracks. I love it.

the house we rented was beautiful with a multi-layered backyard that ran into a creek. we loved every minute of our stay. as we sat around in our sweats and socks, surrounded by aztec prints, wooden furniture and an ink drawing of a wolf (not kidding), I realized my distaste for traditional western decor. I think it is tempting for mountain homeowners (especially vacation homeowners) to get lost in the western design. is it me? do other people dislike western decor? is there a way to salvage the culture in your living room without overdoing it?

I am on the lookout.

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