Friday, February 5, 2010

grammy glamour

Despite the fact that, in my everyday life, it doesn't appear that I love fashion....I do. And award show red carpets are a way to living vicariously through celebrities who have every dress option at their fingertips. That's why it was so disappointing to see the fashion snore fest at the Golden Globes and SAG awards. Boring...what where all the ladies thinking? However, the Grammy red carpet this year was awesome - edgy and cool and fashion forward. Exactly how I would dress, if JayZ and I had time to attend the show...our busy schedule of jewelry-buying and laughing over champagne is so time-consuming.


  1. disagree. the golden globes dresses were classic and gorgeous. I liked, but, I do tend to go for the safe classic. love the blue on fergie.

  2. i can't get into fergie. she looks like she's 45 and she's like 29, maybe 30. and she hollers trashy to me. that girl chewed balloons in her childhood.

  3. easily the best comment we have ever received here on green bicycle.