Thursday, February 18, 2010

new TV stand

Since June is pulling herself up on everything nowadays, we needed to get a new TV stand. Our old one was actually the bedside table of Nick's great aunt Ruth. It was quite rickety - perhaps only stable enough to hold a set of dentures. We certainly didn't want our huge, old TV to fall on Juniper's head. And since we can't afford to buy a slender flat screen, it was off the the naked furniture store to search for a more stable platform.

Here's the old table, now being used as Nick's bedside table....the circle is complete. Look how short this thing is - it doesn't fit with today's high beds!

And now the new TV stand! I painted it with a green/gray/white color I originally bought for the kitchen walls. It's a great color that really changes with the light. Why didn't I use it in the kitchen, I keep asking myself. You can also see I bought a new, faux glass knob for the drawer.

As payback for embarrassing Nick by showing his bedside table, here's mine....cripes that lamp is ugly. Is that lampshade made out of Great Aunt Ruth's girdle??? There's a Home Goods 20 miles from here and I'm going!


  1. love the tv stand! you are like me, i have at least two to three glasses of water on my night stand at any given time. each night i bring up a new glass. the only reason they make it back downstairs is because i have a loving and neat husband.

  2. Oh, there are two of my other glasses on the dresser! My name is Erin and I have a problem.