Wednesday, June 15, 2011

white, wood, metal

I have always believed I wanted a very eclectic home. a sort of anthropolgie-style house decorate with furniture, artwork, rugs and accessories from our travels, our friends, our memories, etc. but, being a hater of clutter and a lover of the very clean and simple, I am wondering if maybe this isn't what I really want. after seeing kerri russell's house in elle decor recently, I love the idea of paring down to the basic elements of whites, woods and metals.
feast your eyes on this:

love the wood on these cabinets; espresso stained reclaimed fir. never thought I wanted a darker wood cabinet in my kitchen until I saw these bad boys.

(and I love that her husband basically built the home and all the wood furnishings while she decorated to match his earthy style. amazing talent).

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  1. bridget! i have been obsessed with this--the naturalism, minimalism...SIGH. my mom was just in town and i made her look at it multiple times with me. we are meant to be friends. miss your face!!