Thursday, June 2, 2011

trough sink

I am sick of sharing the bathroom sink with my husband. we are like WWF wrestlers that have to tag in in order to brush, floss, and wash every night before going to bed. but I hate double sinks. there's something so irritating about them (maybe all those saturdays growing up when my mom would demand, "just clean the sinks" before guests came over). the more sink, the more I dislike. however, the trough sink trend is emerging rapidly and I find myself digging it. I want.

I especially enjoy when the trough steers away from being too modern.


  1. very cute! I think the third one is my favorite. I really like the drawers in the second one though!

  2. Oooo...number 2 is my fave. A nice mix of a traditional console sink with a modern trough, plus I love the tile floor. However #3 should definitely go in our family's imaginary lake house.