Monday, September 13, 2010

rejuvenation, what's your function? hooking up lights so people can love 'em

yeah, conjunction junction, that's right. friday in the mail I found one of the best retail magazines I have seen in a long, long time: Rejuvenation. a company that makes and restores classic american lighting and house fixtures. they began in 1977 as an architecture salvage shop in portland. not only are they dedicated to environmentally conscious practices, but they are also socially responsible as well. I am crazy obsessed with them. I love that there are somewhat affordable options out there to make your home feel grounded in history, even if it actually isn't. you can even search the lighting by historic style: victorian, period basics, colonial revival, classical revival, old world, deco, mid-century modern, etc.

and now, I am going to inundate you with images from their website.

an oil rubbed bronze cabinet latch. beautiful.

a few of these made me tear up as they resemble some of the hardware my grandparents had in their wisconsin home.

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